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Sandy to appear on News and Views with Larry and Chuck Bates on IRN/USA Radio

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Sandy to appear on the Morning Drive Show on WPTF Raleigh

Sandy will be a guest on the Morning Drive Show on WPTF in Raleigh NC on Thursday October 18th. His segment will run from 7:05 till 7:32 Eastern Time

Sandy to Appear  on Shad Olson Show

Sandy will be a guest on the Shad Olson Show from Black Hills SD on Wed. October 17th from 1:30 till 2:00. The show is carried on several stations in that part of the country.

Sandy to appear on the Bill Cunningham Show on WLW in Cincinnati

Sandy will have a 15 minute segment with Bill Cunningham on WLW in Cincinnati on Tuesday October 16th.. The show runs from 12 noon unitil 3 PM Eastern time.

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Sandy will be the guest on Lacrosse Talk on Tuesday October 16th. His segment will run from 9:50 to 9:59 AM Eastern time.

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Sandy will be Lou’s guest on WPFL in Pensacosa at 9:40 Monday morning October 8th.  You can listen to the show at  Just click onto Lou in the Morning.


Sandy Guest's on Neal Asbury Show October 6, 2012 Sandy was a guest on the Neal Asbury Show on Radio America.  The show airs on the Radio America network and can be heard at at 7 PM eastern Saturday October 6, 2012.  The show is also carried by numerous radio stations throughout the country.  Check the Radio America website for more information as to which stations carry Neal’s show.



Review by Armstrong Williams, Host of the Armstrong Williams Show and author of Reawakening Virtues.

“Sandy Steinman’s book is a must read before you ever think of starting a business or if you’re currently operating one.  This book is one of the most comprehensive examinations of why businesses fail and what the entrepreneur class must do to navigate through these devastating and challenging economic waters that we find ourselves in.”

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Sandy will be interviewed by Doug Caldwell, Editor of the Central Valley Business Times on Tuesday August 21st, 2012.  The Central Valley Business Times is an online publication catering to the needs of small businesses in California’s central valley.


Sandy Steinman, author of The Small Business Turnaround Guide- Take Your Business From Troubled to Triumphant will be the featured speaker at the meeting of the Nashville, Georgia Rotary on Monday August 20, 2012 at Noon.  For more information contact:

Sandy Steinman

904 891 0210

The Right Book At The Right Time For Small Business Owners

A Guide To Save Failing Businesses

Jacksonville, FL-August 13, 2012-The word “shattered dreams” or “shattered lives” may conjure up visions of the aftermath of war or perhaps lives that have been devastated by an addiction to drugs or alcohol, But equally horrifying are the dreams and lives that are shattered when a business is forced to close its doors.  According to the SBA over 600,000 small businesses fail each year and According to Dun & Bradstreet the number of small businesses going bankrupt increased by 48% over the last 12 months. Many of these failures are brought about because business owners don’t understand the business and management processes that could be implemented to dramatically improve the performance of their business.  Sandy Steinman’s new book The Small Business Turnaround Guide-Take Your Business From Troubled to Triumphant (Published by Morgan James) is now available at just the right time to help struggling small business owners identify the areas of their business that must be changed and teach them how to make those changes.

Sandy Steinman, the author, is a consultant and turnaround specialist ( whose career as an owner of several small businesses, as a Senior Consultant for a large national Consulting firm and as founder and CEO of Profitability Partners, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in turning around small businesses has resulted in the additions of tens of millions of dollars of profits to his client companies.

Troubled to Triumphant takes a holistic approach to the everyday problems encountered by small businesses and their owners.  Unlike other books targeting small businesses, it begins with teaching the owners how to “stop the bleeding” and goes on to give them detailed solutions to over a dozen of the most common shortfalls that lead to small business difficulties and failures. The reader of Troubled to Triumphant who adopts the processes provided will receive much of the same knowledge and benefits as if they had engaged a consulting firm at a cost of hundreds of dollars per hour.


Sandy Steinman